Buying a LA TIC — Everything you need to know about TIC ownership

One of the new TIC properties popping up for sale in Los Angeles →

It’s here. It’s finally happened. TIC is becoming a ‘thing’ here in Los Angeles.

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What is a TIC in Real Estate?

What are the benefits of owning a TIC?

Homeownership: Unlike renting- TICS offer homeowners all the tax benefits and appreciation of owning an asset at a comparable cost to renting, which begs the question why rent?

Smaller Communities: For Buyers who like living in condos but don’t want a large association, TICs offer a great alternative because they have smaller associations and less neighbors.

Investment Income Potential: when you are ready to move up, you don’t have to sell your TIC, you can keep it as a rental and gain passive income.

What are the disadvantages of a TIC?

Weak Association: Since TICs are smaller communities, they don’t have the budget that larger HOAs due for Professional Property Management or setting aside money for reserves. This means that each individual owner has more responsibility than you will find with 20+ Home owners associations.

Is buying a TIC safe?

Owning A TIC

Owners of a TIC are responsible for the common area in the percentage of their ownership. For instance, Owner A and Owner B each own a 25 percent interest of the building, and owner C owns 50 percent of the property. Let’s say the roof needs replacement and costs $50,000. Tenant A would be responsible for $12,500, Tenant B $12,500 and Tenant C $25,000. This is also the same with HOA fees. The tenants that have the larger portions of a property will pay higher HOA fees as well as taxes proportional to their property sales. The first year of most TIC communities HOA fees include a financial manager to help run the community financials.

What to deep dive in to the nitty-gritty of TICs and how they are created and managed? Check out my other blogs on specific topics on TICs and TIC homeownership. Download my FREE TIC Brochure here → TIC Brochure

Want to know what TICs you can buy right now in Los Angeles?

TICs for sale in L.A. right now!

Details and Legalities

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Looking for TICs for sale in LA right now? — > TICs for sale HERE!

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