The Daughter of A Hustler

2 min readApr 11, 2024


There’s a certain magic that happens when you work alongside your mom. It’s a shift in perspective, a deeper understanding that blossoms from shared experience. For me, that magic unfolded in the world of production. Here, amidst the controlled chaos of sets and deadlines, I witnessed a whole new side of my mother.

Me and my mom

Sure, I knew her as Mom — the patient teacher, the unwavering cheerleader, the master of scraped knees and bad days. But here, on set, she transformed. She commanded respect, her decisions shaping the flow of the production. Yet, beneath that confident exterior, I saw the years of dedication that brought her here. It was a masterclass in hard work, a testament to the woman who single-handedly raised me while carving her own path.

Witnessing that work ethic, that unwavering determination, was a turning point. As I navigated the challenges of my own life, I saw my mother reflected in every struggle and every victory. Every time I fought for the next opportunity, the next milestone, I felt her unwavering support, a silent cheer echoing in my heart.

It wasn’t just seeing her work; it was appreciating the sacrifices she made for me. The late nights at the office became stories of juggling motherhood with ambition. Every time I work with her I’m reminded where I came from, and where I got my spice for life.

That realization sparked a newfound gratitude. Now, more than ever, I wanted to share everything with her. I yearned to experience life’s adventures together, not just as mother and daughter, but as partners, as friends. I don’t know many other people who worked multiple jobs, raised two kids, drove a city bus in LA during the riots and still drives 132 miles per hour while rocking out to Prodigy. She also took me to my first Burningman.

This journey alongside her has transformed our relationship. The respect I always had for her has deepened into a profound admiration. She’s not just my mom anymore; she’s my role model, my confidante, my partner in adventure.

Looking ahead, I’m filled with an excitement that transcends words. We stand at the precipice of a new stage, ready to conquer the world, side-by-side. It’s a testament to the unbreakable bond that grows stronger as we both grow older. To mom, thank you for everything you’ve done. I am so proud to call you mine, and even prouder to embark on this next chapter with you by my side.

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